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Wall Volunteer Fire Department - Homepage

Wall VFD Station 2

New Substation Location is: 2650 S US 87 

3-23-22 Land donated for the new substation,Thank you Lord!

6-14-22 Driveway off of 87 South almost complete.

7-14-22 Pad work has started!

8-18-22 Rebar and plumbing in place.

8-20-22 Blessed with base material for the substation!

8-24-22 Poured main slab with great weather.

9-07-22 Poured approach and almost framed up!

9-14-22 Tin is on. Drone Shots added, thanks Joey! 

10-11-22 Rain water storage completed, let it rain!

10-20-22 Insulated and painted.

12-06-22 Nearing completion!

12-07-22 Not open yet, but the lights are on.

12-22-22 Open For Calls!

03-27-2023 Septic system completed, thank you Sefcik Construction for you generous donation!

04-26-2023 Station sign installed, Thank you FASTSIGNS!


  • Land - IMG 6475
  • Driverway Construction
  • 87a Driveway Construction
    Driveway off of 87 South.
  • 20220714-1 Pad Work
    Pad Work has started!
  • Nearly ready for the pour!
    Nearly ready for the cement!
  • Drains and rebar in place.
    Drains and rebar in place.
  • Plumbing in place.
    Plumbing in place.
  • The good Lord has blessed Wall VFD again!
    The good Lord has blessed Wall VFD again!
  • Thank you Primoris Renewable Energy for the base material for our substation!
    Thank you Primoris Energy for providing our base material!
  • Thank you JRD Construction Services for helping Wall VFD!
    Thanks to Tanner Dunn and Matt Forkner with JRD Construction for all of their help!
  • Wall VFD was blessed with the base material we needed!
    God continues to bless Wall VFD and our community!
  • Early Start on the Slab 9-24-2022
    Early Start on the Substation Slab!
  • Mixing Cement Onsite to Pump
    Mixing Cement Onsite to Pump.
  • Lots of Help!
    Lots of Help!
  • The last corner.
    The Last Corner.
  • Making it smooth and look good!
    Making it Look Good!
  • Rain Delay, but That's OK!
    Rain delay, but that's ok, we need the rain!
  • Steel Going Up!
    Steel Going Up!
  • Substation Approach Poured
    Substation Approach Poured.
  • Frame Almost Complete!
    Framing Almost Complete!
  • More Progress!
    More Progress!
  • The Roof is on!
    The Roof is on!
  • Drone Shot of Frame
    Drone Shot of Frame.
  • Drone Shot #2
    Drone Shot of Frame#2.
  • Drone Shot
    Drone Shot From a Distance.
  • Drone Above Station
    Drone Shot Straight Above.
  • Drone Shot in Front of Station
    Drone Shot in Front of Station.
  • Rain Storage is complete, let it rain!
    Rain storage is complete, let it rain!
  • Office framing, insulation and paint finished.
    Office framing, insulation and paint is complete.
  • Doors are Installed.
    Doors are Installed.