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Insurance Services Office (ISO) PPC 6/10

ISO stands for, Insurance Services Office. This group rates all fire departments in the US, including paid and volunteer departments, for their ability to suppress structure fires in their communities.  Insurance companies use the scores assigned to each department to provide their insurance rates to the customer. The rating is from 1 to 10, with 1 being the best. Wall VFD recently earned a Public Protection Class 6/10, up from our previous 7/10. This Public Protection Class 06/10 is very difficult to obtain without fire hydrants. The 6 PPC is available for any homeowner or business within 5 road miles of our station to be considered for lower insurance rates. We have participated in four ISO evaluations since 1999 with intentional improvements each time. The evaluations are a lot of work that is “voluntary” on our part, intended to benefit our customers. Many volunteer departments do not participate because of the time/labor commitment.